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Company Name: Harbor Manufacturing
Location: Tinley Park, IL
Employment Type: Full Time
Category: Production
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Machine Shop Tool Crib Lead - Job Description

60+ year Family Owned Machine Shop looking to fill Tool Crib Lead position. This position is critical to the ongoing continuous improvement of the shop. This position also supports other functions/departments in the plant.

The following is an example of the responsibilities of this role.

Tool Management / CNC Setup

  • Serialize, organize, and maintain tools, tool holders, and related parts. Maintain locations for job specific tools and parts. Enter information into spreadsheet log.
  • Setup, check, and measure tools to prepare them for use on a job. Break down and store tools after jobs are completed.
  • Print setup sheets, part prints, inspection sheets, and CNC programs as needed.
  • Evaluate returned tools for damage and repair them if possible. If repairs must be done outside, get estimates and send tools out for repair.
  • Assist CNC personnel with tool troubleshooting. Recommend best practices in using the tool as well as the proper speeds and feeds to run the tool at. Sometimes this involves looking up the information or contacting the manufacturer or vendor.
  • Troubleshoot and maintain vending machines. Ensure orders placed are correct and correcting any count issues at the machines.
  • Organize, maintain, and re-order inserts and tooling not kept inside the vending machines.

CNC Setup / Cycle Time Reduction

  • Take pictures of part setups or uploaded pictures taken by others onto the server.
  • Create initial tool lists for first time setup parts.
  • Create setup sheets including tool lists, fixture information, work offset information, pictures, and other information.
  • Create location and spreadsheets for lathe jaws, specialty tools and fixtures, and other job specific items.
  • Work with vendors to test tools to resolve an issue or to improve tool life or reduce tooling costs.

Quality / Inspection

Most gauges which are used on the floor are located in the tool crib and are organized and maintained there.

  • Maintain the ToolBoss and other external logs or systems for checking out and receiving gauges from the floor.
  • Inspect incoming (returned from the floor) gauges and quality tools for any issues. Calibrate and repair them if necessary, and then re-enter them into the system so that they can be checked out again.
  • Work with manufacturers and vendors to order new gauges or to get gauge schematics and information to order parts or send items out for repair for both Crib maintained tools and those held in the QA lab.

Production & Misc. Shop Assistance

  • Prepare tools and equipment for night shift.
  • Setup, program, and sometimes run engraving machines. Train operators.
  • Maintain pneumatic and other tooling by oiling them, taking them apart and cleaning them as needed. Training plant personnel on how to keep the tooling properly oiled or greased.
  • Repair and rebuild huck gun and strapping machines.
  • Assist paint line in selecting the correct paint and helping them troubleshoot issues with hanging or other problems.
  • Provide tooling and repair parts to production departments and machine shop.
  • Look up and print specs and get quotes on components for fixture builds and die repairs.
  • Look up specs, information, and parts for maintenance on a variety of machines and items.

Purchasing / Vendor Contact

  • Collect and receive tooling from the dock. Enter the PO into global shop to ensure that the items and quantities are correct.
  • Assist in correcting Cintas inventory issues.
  • Get quotes on tooling needed for jobs. Work with the suppliers to get the best prices.
  • Get the quotes to purchasing and make sure orders are placed. Enter the job number and COA account number for each line.
  • Follow up with vendors on items which are not delivered on time, not correct, over-charged, or short shipments.

Candidate must:

  • Be a self-starter and be able to work independently
  • Be mechanically inclined
  • Be able to think out of the box
  • Dependable
  • Microsoft Office experience (primarily Excel and Outlook)
  • Global Shop and Internet experience a plus

Competitive Pay and Benefits. Annual Company bonus.

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